Mobile test automation


Automatic Functional Regression testing

GUI enabled automation script creation and execution

Ready to deploy, high on usability software infrastructure to facilitate automation of regression testing irrespective of business, design and technology of the application

Supports Windows and Mac


User-friendly Interface

GUI Recording and Execution

Easy To Customize

No Coding Skills Required
Anybody with minimum training can use it

Save Time

Scripting time in hours not in days

3 Level of Reporting

For detailed analysis along with Auditable Screenshots and execution results

Why use Autorun?

Features AutoRun (built over Appuim Framework) Appium scripting
Overall Built on top of the Appium framework and have its own proprietary method to capture the object properties with automated script and dataset generation feature. It eliminats the need for advanced programming skills required for Appium. Testing teams need to have good programming skills and experience to setup and integrate Appium with other tools and frameworks.

New teams need to invest time upfront for setup and integration

Slow support from the community.
Test Development platform Cross-platform (windows & Mac) Cross-platform (windows & Mac)
Ready Framework available with GUI Yes No
Whether Dashboards & Screenshots are available in frontend Yes No
Application under test Android Mobile apps (Native and Hybrid) and iOS (beta) Android & ios Mobile apps (Native and Hybrid)
Script creation time Very Quick (Automated Script Generation) High time to generate scripts
Scripting generated in Excel Java, C#,Python etc
Programming skills Not required. Ready to use function library available Advanced skills needed to writing scripts
Learning curves Very Minimal (less than a week to even non-tech person) Stiff (technical skills are must)
Ease of installation and use Easy to set up and run Require installing and integrating various tools
Change management Quick since change mgmt in excel Changes in scripting is difficult to maintain
Ready to use functions library Available No such library
Continuous integrations Popular CI tools (e.g. Jenkins, Teamcity) integration Various CI tools (e.g. Jenkins, Cruise Control)
Product support Dedicated staff. Customisation support available Open source community
License type Proprietary Open source
Cost License and maintenance fees no License Cost but Very High Service Cost of Test Architect and Sr. Automation Engineers

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