Team Composition

AutoTest Innovative Solutions Team or as we call it - ATISts are people comprising of unique amalgamation of developers and testers that come together to develop user friendly test automation tools making life of testers, managers and their clients easier. It is win-win for all.
Advised by M.Tech Graduate from IIT Mumbai in enhancing products having expertise in hardware and software architecting, People who bring innovative solutions to your hands have expertise in the following areas that is utilized to Design user friendly Softwares and Tools for Test Automation:

  • Test Management and Test Automations Tools with more than a decade experience in handling software testing.

  • Software Solution Architecture and Web & Mobile Applications Development.

  • Experience in End to end life cycle of software system with several platforms including C#, JSP, PHP, VB, Java, Android, JSON, SOAP, RESTful web services, Selenium, AWS.

  • Creative and User Friendly Software UX/UI Design

  • Use of Test Automation Tools from Developer, Tester and End User Perspective